Our values and mission

„Our companies offer high quality products and services. Their business conduct is always reliable and sound, driven by true dedication to customers, employees, business partners, investors and the community. The very same standards apply to ARENIT as the holding company.“

(from ARENIT’s mission statement)

Our entrepreneurial focus

We focus on small and medium sized enterprises within the German „Mittelstand“, which we can develop with a long-term perspective. We acquire majority stakes (up to 100%) and invest our personal equity capital. We will always keep a majority stake in each company, while inviting interested investors to join us as minority shareholders. We „adopt“ family businesses, so they can remain family businesses.

Back to the roots


„ARENIT is defined by the honest, down-to-earth, getting-things-done mindset of our Westphalian roots“

Dr. Stefan Niemeier and Dr. Nils Schlag founded ARENIT as a home for their entrepreneurial activities. Both have been Partners at McKinsey & Company, Inc. for many years, serving clients across different industries and geographies. This extensive experience is coupled with the honest, down-to-earth and getting-things-done mindset of their Westphalian roots. It allows them to develop companies further with new ideas while preserving each company’s existing strengths and unique identity.

About us

Dr. Stefan Niemeier Dr. Nils Schlag